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DFD Maltese - Red Wings

DFD Maltese - Red Wings

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At the heart of this sticker, you'll find the legendary "Winged Wheel" emblem, symbolizing the Detroit Red Wings' enduring excellence in the NHL. It's a nod to the city's undying love for hockey and the team's remarkable legacy.

The backdrop features the Maltese Cross, a symbol of courage, protection, and unity among firefighters. It represents the Detroit Fire Department's commitment to safeguarding the community.

On the left side, you'll notice the significant year "1860," marking the inception of the Detroit Fire Department. This date pays homage to the brave individuals who have been dedicated to serving the city and its people for over a century. On the right, "1972" signifies the integration of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) into the department, a pivotal moment in enhancing their life-saving capabilities.

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