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DFD Maltese - Designated Hitter

DFD Maltese - Designated Hitter

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At the heart of the sticker is the classic Maltese cross, an emblem synonymous with fire departments worldwide, representing bravery, sacrifice, and service.

On the left arm of the Maltese cross, the founding year "1860" is elegantly displayed in a vintage-style font, commemorating the department's founding and its enduring commitment to the city of Detroit.

On the right arm of the cross, "1972" is prominently showcased in a similar vintage font, signifying the pivotal year when EMS services were integrated into the Detroit Fire Department.

In the center of the Maltese cross, Detroit Tigers mascot "PAWS" is depicted in action, swinging a baseball bat. This charming and iconic representation of the Tigers' spirit serves as a vibrant symbol of Detroit's sports culture and history, underlining the close connection between the fire department and the community it serves.

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